Business Partner Companies

Alliant Food Safety Labs, LLC works closely with national and well known companies with a long history of serving the food safety and testing industries.  Listed below are these companies and how we work with them.  Their websites are also linked if you would like to read more about their services.



A world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics for the past 50 years, bioMérieux is present in more than 150 countries through 41 subsidiaries and a large network of distributors. In 2012, revenues reached €1.57 billion with 87% of sales outside of France. bioMérieux provides diagnostic solutions (reagents, instruments, software) which determine the source of disease and contamination to improve patient health and ensure consumer safety. Its products are used for diagnosing infectious diseases and providing high medical value results for cancer screening and monitoring and cardiovascular emergencies. They are also used for detecting microorganisms in agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

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Bio-Rad Laboratories

Bio-Rad Laboratories has played a leading role in the advancement of scientific discovery for 60 years by providing a broad range of innovative products and services to the food science, life science research and clinical diagnostic markets. The Food Science Division of Bio-Rad Laboratories produces tests for food safety, veterinary diagnostics and water testing.  Bio-Rad has a complete line of solutions for food pathogen testing, including a full menu real-time PCR test kits for detection of important foodborne pathogens, culture media for nutritive enrichment and RAPID chromogenic media for easy colony identification for detection of pathogens and enumeration of quality indicators.  As an instrument manufacturer, Bio-Rad provides instrument options for both low and high volume users, including a newly launched automation system. At Alliant Food Safety Labs, we utilize Bio-Rad’s CFX system for rapid identification of Pathogens by Real Time PCR, as well as using its Chromogenic Medias to help isolate and confirm any suspect pathogens.








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Romer Labs

Romer Labs is a leading provider of diagnostic solutions to ensure the highest quality standards at all stages of the supply chain in the agricultural, food and feed industry.  Alliant Food Safety Labs, LLC utilizes many of the high quality testing kits produced by Romer Labs for allergen and other microbiological testing. Romer Labs products and services address the entire agriculture and food value chain from screening at the producing farms to highly sophisticated reference laboratories. The company’s broad range of innovative diagnostic tests and professional services play a pivotal role in integrated food safety approaches. The fundamental objective of Romer Labs is to provide scientifically sound, high-quality products and services to "Making the World’s Food Safer®".








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