Shelf-life & Challenge Study

Food products transition through many phases before they expire. As food ages, changes can either be minor or extreme causing illness to the end user. Issues with food products found to be spoiled before their expiration date may cause difficult issues for the producer. Many product "Use by dates" are inaccurate. A food product shelf life expectancy cannot be simply predicted, it has to be based on an analysis of the food over time to monitor microrganisim growth.

Our knowledge of food types and microrganisms allows us to tailor a shelf life study that matches your product complexities. We can predict the types of occurances that your product may be suseptible to and analyze for these specific incidents. When the study is completed, we can review the reported findings to help you make shelf life decisions based upon scientific data. We provide you with guidance and expert texhnical advice regarding the results.

Alliant Food Safety Labs, LLC with over 25 years of experience, can provide expert shelf life analysis and make recommendations to improve and lengthen durations. We offer time and money-saving consultation and troubleshooting of testing programs, providing your business with the most precise food safety testing and food nutritional analysis possible. We have the expertise and track record of high quality service to back up our words. We pride our lab on the highest quality testing results with high accuracy and quick turn around times to help your facility meet production needs.

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Below is a listing of shelf life tests that we offer. If you have a special requirement we can meet that need too, just ask.

  • APC
  • Coliform / E.coli
  • Salmonella
  • Coagulase Pos. Staph.
  • Y & M
  • Lactic Acid Bacteria